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Woman’s robe pattern

A robe in oriental style – easy pattern!

Woman's robe pattern

Whatever sewing project you were planning next, make this magic robe in oriental style. Homewear is super comfortable, and a robe in oriental style – is a great idea! Not only will it fit right when made to the desired measurements, but there are plenty of ways to customize them. We love a good custom garment so it seems as good a time to share our patterns with you. Each one is ideal for creating a unique garment, that will last through the changing seasons.

This robe was made of linen fabric with blue facings. But you can use any other combination of fabrics. The pattern is easy enough to follow and it can be made on a one day by an experienced sewer.

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Woman’s robe pattern

Use the basic robe pattern for modeling the robe in oriental style. The ease allowance is 7 cm. This value can be changed depending on the textile properties and the the robe size.

Woman's robe sketch

Pic. 1. Woman’s robe sketch

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Back pattern

The length of the robe along the back is about 100 cm. From point A, move down AH = 100 cm. Draw a line for the bottom of the back and front panels. From the back bottom line draw a facing HH1 = 10 cm and draw a horizontal line. Cut the back along the marked line.

Trace the back facing with a fold as shown on diagram (pic. 2).

Woman's robe pattern - back, front, sleeve

Pic. 2. Woman’s robe pattern – back, front, sleeve

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Front pattern

Shorten the front panel from the bottom by 10 cm, similarly to the back: H2H3 = 10 cm. Trace the front facing with a fold as shown on diagram. Patch pockets. Move down 9 cm from the waist line. Draw a rectangular pocket 15 cm wide and 18 cm long. The width of the facing of the top of the pocket is 3 cm.

Trace the pocket, cut the facing and cut out as shown on diagram.

Sleeve pattern

The length of the sleeve is AD = 50-55 cm (depending on the size). Cuff width: H4H5 = 10 cm. Trace the sleeve cuff with a fold as shown on diagram.

Placket. Cut out a placket for the neckline and front facing: DD1 = 11 cm (5,5 cm in finished form) and a length to measure: CD = AA1 + BB1. Cut out 2 plackets pieces.

Woman's robe pieces - back, front, sleeve diagram

Pic. 3. Woman’s robe pieces – back, front, sleeve

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How to cut a bathrobe

Pattern pieces:

  1. Back – 1 piece on fold
  2. Back facing – 1 piece on fold
  3. Front – 2 pieces
  4. Front facing – 2 pieces
  5. Front placket – 2 pieces
  6. Sleeve – 2 pieces
  7. Sleeve Cuff – 2 pieces on fold
  8. Pocket – 2 pieces
  9. Pocket facing – 2 pieces
  10. Belt. Cut out a rectangular: 2,8 m long and 14 cm wide (7 cm in finished form).

Cut pieces as shown on pic. 2. Place the pattern pieces on the material and cut out with 1,5 cm seam allowances.

It’s important! Place the pattern pieces on the fabric so that the grainline follows the direction of the fabric selvage, which is also the direction of the warp threads of the fabric.

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Fabrics and notions for robe making

For sewing a bathrobe you will need:

  • about 2,0 m linen fabric with a flower patterns 145 cm wide
  • 0,9 m of blue fabric 145 cm wide
  • sewing threads Madeira Aerofil No. 120
  • threads for finishing seams Madeira Aerofil No. 30.

We recommend sewing the product on a sewing machine, stitching the side and shoulder seams by leather seam.

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