New patterns and master classes


Palazzo Pants Pattern

Wide long palazzo trousers have long and firmly won the hearts of fashionistas. These pants are loose and light. Made from soft, draped fabric, the pants look incredibly luxurious and provide the perfect base for truly chic looks. In this tutorial, we offer you a free sewing pattern of palazzo pants, which you can sew in just a couple of hours.


Basic dress with darts

The basic dress with darts is a perfect pattern for creating garment of various styles - not only dresses, but also blouses, tops, summer jackets and so on. Do it yourself! We will reveal all the secrets of drawing an accurate basic dress with darts for 40-56 (!) sizes. The exact result and wonderful mood are guaranteed!


Basic dartless dress pattern

The Dartless dress pattern can be used for sewing dresses, T-shirts, tops, bombers and other garment highly elastic knitwear. This design does not have darts, fitting to the figure is achieved due to the elastic properties of the material. Novice craftswomen will like this pattern very much. You can draw a pattern very easily, and you can sew garment very quickly.


Sewing machine feet

Any sewing machine has a standard set of presser feet for specific tasks, such as straight and zigzag stitches, inserting zippers, making buttonholes and others. However, there are many other specialized feet that you can use in your sewing projects and get great results. 


Making a buttonhole by hand

The hand-sewn buttonholes on coats and jackets are not only very durable, but also give the garment a unique look. Making a Buttonhole by Hand is one of the top tailoring skill, and raven not all professional tailors can make buttonhole with high quality and beauty. But if you try to made buttonhole once, you'll fall in love of this.


Woman’s robe pattern

Whatever sewing project you were planning next, make this magic robe in oriental style. Homewear is super comfortable, and a robe in oriental style - is a great idea! Not only will it fit right when made to the desired measurements, but there are plenty of ways to customize them. We love a good custom garment so it seems as good a time to share our patterns with you. Each one is ideal for creating a unique garment, that will last through the changing seasons.


T-shirt sewing workshop

This cute and comfortable set for sleeping: t-shirt and shorts were created by Anastasia Korfiati especially for the book "Clothes for Home". The loose-fitting T-shirt and elasticated shorts have a comfortable fit and are made from cotton jersey.


Essential Sewing Tools and Equipment

Essential Sewing Tools and Equipment The professional Sewing Tools and Equipment arsenal are very large. However, there is no need to buy all the tools at once. It is enough to have in your kit the required minimum of sewing tools. Many things, for example, sewing thread, needles and scissors, are in every home. What other tools does a tailor need for a perfect result? We will talk about this in the article.