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Oversize shirt pattern

Download and sew! Oversized poplin shirt pattern in four sizes

Oversized poplin shirt pattern photo

An oversized shirt is one of the most popular model this year! It has a voluminous appearance and usually looks like «a shirt from a man’s shoulder» – as if it was borrowed from a husband or boyfriend. Another distinctive feature of this shirt is the elongated shoulder line. Due to this, a slight carelessness appears in the image, and the silhouette looks soft and relaxed.

This model is very easy to combine – an oversized shirt looks very elegant and aesthetically with both trousers and skirts.
An oversized shirt allows you to create multi-level looks. Fashion designers like to experiment, combining the shirt with cropped jackets, vests and loose cardigans deliberately casually thrown over the shoulders.

Oversize shirt with skirt and jeans photo

Fig. 1. Oversized poplin shirt with skirt and jeans

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How to download an oversized shirt pattern

The oversized shirt pattern is designed for standard sizes US 4-10 EU 36-42 RU 42-48 for a height of about 170-174 cm. The ease allowance to the Chest circ. is about 25 cm.

Oversize shirt sketch

Fig. 2. Oversize shirt sketch (front and back views)

A table with basic measurements, a sketch of the shirt (front and back views) and contour lines for four sizes are placed on the pattern sheet. A test square 100×100 mm is placed in the top left of the sheet. Use this for checking that your pattern is printed correctly. The pattern is drawed in two formats – full and divided on A4 sheets.

Pattern sheet of oversize shirt in four sizes

Fig. 3. Pattern sheet of oversize shirt in four sizes

Click on the icon below to download the pattern.

Download pattern

If you print the pattern on sheets of F4 format, then they will need to be glued together. A base grid applied to the sheets. Use a glue stick and scissors to glue the sheets together. For more information, follow: how to check a pattern

Important! The sewing pattern does not have seams allowances and hem allowances.

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What materials is oversized shirt made of?

We recommend to sew a shirt from batiste, cotton blend, poplin , linen and silk.

Fabric and accessories that are necessary for sewing shirt you will need:

  1. about 1,7 m poplin 150 cm wide;
  2. interlining for collar and cuffs;
  3. 9 buttons with a diameter of 1 cm;
  4. Madeira Aerofil thread No. 120.

How to cut the oversize shirt

From the poplin fabric cut out:

  • Back – 1 piece with the fold;
  • Yoke – 2 pieces with the fold;
  • Front – 2 pieces;
  • Sleeve – 2 pieces;
  • Two-pieces collar (1) – 2 pieces with the fold;
  • Two-pieces collar (2) – 2 pieces with the fold;
  • Cuff – 2 pieces;
  • Pocket – 1 piece.
Oversize shirt for women - cutting pieces

Fig. 4. Oversize shirt – cutting pieces

Place the pieces on the fabric and cut out with a 1,5 cm seam allowance. Hem allowance is 1,5 cm too.This pattern does not include a pattern piece for a traditional shirt placket. Cut out the shirt plackets (2 pieces). See more Shirt placket

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How to sew an oversized shirt

For a step-by-step master class on sewing a women’s shirt, see the lesson How to sew a women’s shirt

There are even more sewing patterns and tutorials on the website of Anastasia Korfiati Sewing School! Subscribe to our free news and sew high-quality fashionable garments with us!

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