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Palazzo Pants Pattern

Gorgeous outfit in a couple of hours! Palazzo pants patterns in 5 sizes download free + sewing tutorial

Palazzo pants patterns in 5 sizes download free + sewing tutorial
Wide long palazzo trousers have long and firmly won the hearts of fashionistas. These pants are loose and light. Made from soft, draped fabric, the pants look incredibly luxurious and provide the perfect base for truly chic looks. In this tutorial, we offer you a free sewing pattern of palazzo pants, which you can sew in just a couple of hours.

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Palazzo trousers – historical background

Palazzo trousers (English palazzo pants, palazzo trousers, Italian pantaloni palazzo, French le pantalon palazzo) are women’s trousers, loose, usually with a high waist. In modern world terminology, they are often classified simply as wide leg pants.

There is a version that the pants got their name “palazzo” thanks to Coco Chanel. While vacationing in Venice in 1925, Chanel drew attention to the comfortable loose trousers of gondoliers, borrowed them for women’s wardrobe and began to popularize models of comfortable wide trousers for women, naming them in memory of the trip – the palazzo.

Palazzo pants photo

Pic. 1. Women’s palazzo pants

According to other sources, the first women’s models of pants s with straight wide trouser-pipes appeared from another designer – Emilio Pucci. The novelty of fashion art was noticed by many stars of those times, such as Katharine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich, who often wore them for red carpet appearances. So palazzo pants have conquered the world of fashion around the world.

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What materials are palazzo pants made of?

Wide palazzo pants are often positioned as summer trousers. For sewing such pants, it is better to use light flowing fabrics that drape easily and form soft tails when walking. Palazzo is sewn from light crepe, viscose, silk, linen fabrics, fine wool, synthetic fabrics, etc.

How to wear palazzo pants

You can combine palazzo pants with a variety tops. This one looks great:

  • with shirts and blouses of a loose cut – a stylish look in masculine style can be created by slightly tucking the shirt in front.
  • with crop tops. This outfit is ideal for short girls – shoes with heels or platform draw out the proportions of the figure.
  • with oversized sweaters. The sweater can be tucked into trousers in front, left freely flowing in the back, complementing the look with brutal boots or sneakers. This combination will look especially stylish on tall girls.
  • with straight coats, classic jackets – a spectacular look is obtained with light flying trousers.

How to download a free sewing pattern of palazzo pants

The free sewing pattern of palazzo pants is designed for 5 standard sizes from 40 to 48. Ease allowance of the 1/2 Hips circ. is about 6-8 cm (depending on the size).

Pants palazzo pattern

Pic. 2. Measurements table for palazzo pants

The length of the pants on the side line (excluding the belt) is about 106-112 cm (from the 40th to the 48th size). For downloading a free sewing pattern of palazzo pants, click on the link below. The pattern is developed in two formats – full and split for printing on A4 sheets. Download palazzo pants patterns 40-48 sizes

palazzo pants pattern download free

Pic. 3. Pants palazzo, pattern sheet

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How to check a sewing pattern

If you print patterns in A4 format, the sheets must be glued together. There is a base mesh on the sheets, and gluing them together is very simple – use a glue stick and scissors for this.

Important information! Sewing patterns are designed without allowances for seams and hem (!).

There is a test square 100 x 100 mm on the pattern sheet for checking the accuracy of printing. What is it for? Sometimes the printer may compress the image when making print settings. Therefore, please note that the “original size” option is enabled in your printer settings. Measure the test square after printing. See more: how to check the pattern

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How to cut palazzo pants

Recommendations for choosing fabric for the pants: well-draped fabrics – soft linen, crepe, viscose, etc.

You will need for sewing palazzo pants:

From the linen fabric cut out:

  1. Front/back part of the pants – 2 pieces
  2. Additionally cut out the belt: a rectangle 20 cm wide (9 cm finished) and about 142 cm long (140 cm finished).
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Tutorial: how to sew palazzo pants

Overcast the seams on both sides of the pants with a three-thread overlock stitch. Stitch the seams, iron the allowances.

How to sew palazzo pants tutorial with photo

Pic. 4. How to sew palazzo pants – iron the allowances

Then stitch the middle seam of the pants, and the seams of the belt. Overcast the middle seam allowances together and iron to one side. Bend the one-piece belt in fold line, fold the allowances and stitch, leaving an open area for threading the elastic.

How to sew palazzo pants - elastic belt photo

Pic. 5. Open area for threading the elastic

Thread the elastic into the drawstring waist, adjust its length and stitch the ends of the elastic. Stitch the open section of the belt.

Pic. 6. The elastic into the drawstring waist

Sew three belt loops 2 cm wide and 9 cm long each. Bend the loops 0.5 cm on each side and sew the loops to the belt according to the markup.

How to sew palazzo pants belt loops photo tutorial

Pic. 7. Belt loops sewing for palazzo pants

The belt. Fold the belt in half wrong side out and sew along the short and long sides, leaving a small section to turn inside out. Sew the short sides slightly at an angle. Turn the belt inside out, straighten the seams. Topstitch the belt on all sides close to the edge, overstitching the open section.

How to sew palazzo pants photo

Pic. 8. Topstitch the belt on all sides close to the edge (palazzao pants)

Hem allowances of the bottom pants bend and stitch. Insert the belt into the loops and tie with a bow. Your palazzo pants are sewn! Wear with pleasure and be happy!

Palazzo pants - belt into the loops photo

Pic. 9. Palazzo pants – belt into the loops

More patterns and sewing ideas you can find on the Anastasia Korfiati Sewing School website. Subscribe to our free tutorials and receive new patterns in the first!

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