Anastasia Korfiati – author, fashion designer, artist

Anastasia Korfiati - author, fashion designer, artist

Anastasia Korfiati – author, fashion designer, artist

Anastasia Korfiati is the author of sewing books, the head of the online project Anastasia Korfiati’ Sewing School, with a monthly attendance of more than a million people from the World.

Anastasia Korfiati’ sewing school is a one-of-a-kind free online project for teaching sewing, modeling and pattern making, which has no analogues in terms of quality, completeness, integrity and relevance of the materials provided. Today, online school is one of the popular formats of education, which provides ample opportunities for self-realization and disclosure of the creative potential both beginners and experienced tailors.

About Anastasia Korfiati

“A well-tailored dress is a dress that, among other things, is not ashamed to turn inside out”. – This quote by Anastasia Korfiati has become a real motto for millions women who create their own style and their wardrobe by themselves. Thanks to the Sewing School, everybody has a unique opportunity to comprehend not only the basics of modeling and sewing clothes, but also to gain knowledge that allows them to become a real master. All this became possible largely thanks to the inexhaustible energy of the project’s permanent ideologist, Anastasia Korfiati.

Stages of formation

Education is an important stage in any work, and a lot depends on the teacher. Anastasia was convinced from her own experience – her grandmother, instilled in her a love of sewing and was her main mentor and teacher. The grandmother influenced Anastasia’s choice of profession.

Photo shoot for a book "Blouses and jackets sewing"

Photo shoot for a book “Blouses and jackets sewing”

In 1992, Anastasia created an atelier that helped women to realize their own ideas in clothing. It was so popular that customers were recorded several months in advance.

The atelier was very successful, but at a certain stage Anastasia wanted something more. The next step was the creation of own Sewing school. During this period Anastasia Korfiati’s teaching methodology was perfected.

Anastasia’s main goal was to make the learning process of designing and sewing clothes simple and fun. And that is exactly what she was able to achieve. She managed to achieve this.

Anastasia Korfiati with fashion models

Anastasia Korfiati with fashion models

This did not become a routine for students, on the contrary, moving step by step, comprehending the basic principles and improving their skills, inspired by the ideas and energy of the teacher, most became real masters, many of whom linked their further activities with this craft.

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From real to online

The school worked successfully for 10 years and at a certain stage could not accept everyone. It’s time to look for a new learning format that allows you to share knowledge with an unlimited audience.

Master classes by Anastasia Korfiati

Sewing master classes by Anastasia Korfiati

The idea was as simple as it was grand. The learning process should be transferred to the online space, made available and absolutely free. So that everyone who wants to learn create clothes has such an opportunity.

In 2008 was created a platform for online learning – the Anastasia Korfiati Sewing School. This format has no boundaries. The author’s teaching methodology allows you to independently learn lessons in theory and practice, tutorials and video workshops.

Another great advantage of online learning format is interactive communication, everyone can ask questions, discuss new topics and ets.

Video tutorials on the YouTube channel Anstasia Korfiati' sewing School

Video tutorials on the YouTube channel Anstasia Korfiati’ sewing School

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About Sewing School

The sewing school aroused great interest among tailors and Internet users. According to statistics, the target audience that needs to learn how to cut and sew clothes on their own is mainly working young women from 25 to 55 years old who know how and where to look for the necessary information and are ready to use the Internet for self-education.

About Anastasia Korfiati’ books

An important and essential activity of Anastasia Korfiati is the authorship of sewing books. At the moment, more than 15 educational sewing books have been published, each of which is a storehouse of useful knowledge.

In 2016, Anastasia Korfiati’s book “Sewing Techniques: Dresses, Skirts, Trousers” became the gold medalist of the annual handicraft industry competition – “Golden Button” in the nomination “The best book by a Russian author on needlework, creativity and hobbies.”

"Golden Button" in the nomination "The best book by a Russian author"

“Golden Button” in the nomination “The best book by a Russian author on needlework, creativity and hobbies”.

The book received the highest marks from the expert council, which included professionals in fashion and handicraft industry, public figures who have made a significant contribution to the development of the fashion industry.

Autograph session at the book exhibition

Anastasia Korfiati autograph session at the book exhibition

Though that Anastasia’s main activity is connected with the Sewing School online project and dressmaking skills books written, she conducts master classes and offsite seminars that allow students to gain not only invaluable knowledge, but also a positive energy charge and fresh ideas.