Basic sewing patterns


PANTONE announced 2023 color of the year

Every year, the world-renowned expert in the field of color - the company Pantone (Pantone), which sets the color thread, chooses from the palette of colors and one, which becomes the color of the coming year. The fashion trend is immediately picked up by fashionistas, so be prepared for the fact that soon our entire living space will become incredibly bright and saturated. Viva Magenta is the color of the upcoming 2023! What kind of color it is, why it has become a favorite and how not to overdo it with its use? All answers are in this article.


Women’s trousers pattern

Jersey trousers are one of the most comfortable models for sports and off-times. These trousers allow you to actively move, and at the same time perfectly retain their original shape. From this basic pattern, you can sew straight trousers with an elastic waistband, or model any other desired model of trousers.


Basic sleeve pattern

The basic one-seam sleeve pattern, presented in this tutorial, may be used for all types of women's garment - coats, jackets, dresses and blouses. To draw a sleeve pattern is a very simply!


Basic dress with darts

The basic dress with darts is a perfect pattern for creating garment of various styles - not only dresses, but also blouses, tops, summer jackets and so on. Do it yourself! We will reveal all the secrets of drawing an accurate basic dress with darts for 40-56 (!) sizes. The exact result and wonderful mood are guaranteed!


Basic dartless dress pattern

The Dartless dress pattern can be used for sewing dresses, T-shirts, tops, bombers and other garment highly elastic knitwear. This design does not have darts, fitting to the figure is achieved due to the elastic properties of the material. Novice craftswomen will like this pattern very much. You can draw a pattern very easily, and you can sew garment very quickly.


Longsleeve pattern

The Longsleeve pattern is the basic pattern for stretch jersey models. Use a basic Longsleeve pattern for sewing turtlenecks, T-shirts, tops. You can change the neckline and sleeve length according to your own designs.


Basic straight skirt

Sewing any skirt begins with the construction of the basic pattern. We recommend to draw a basic skirt on graph paper. In order to obtain a perfect result, measurements need to be taken оn a person, dressed with underwear. Basic straight skirt pattern - in this tutorial.