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Fitted sleeve pattern

Fitted sleeve pattern from size 40 to 48

Fitted sleeve pattern model

The fitted sleeve pattern can be used to create knitwear: dresses, T-shirts, tops, bombers and other garment. This sleeve is based upon the Basic dartless dress pattern. You will find the Basic dartless dress pattern (back and front blocks), follow the link Dartless dress pattern

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Measurements needed for a Fitted sleeve pattern

You can use Women’s Measurements Charts for Fitted sleeve pattern drawing.  Size 46 measurements are used for this pattern. You might be interested in: How to take body measurements

  1. Bicep circ. – 29 cm
  2. Armhole depth – 20 cm (it is the same measure as at the Basic dartless dress pattern)
  3. Wrist circ. – 15,5 cm
  4. Sleeve length – 61 cm.

Fitted sleeve pattern drawing

Use a sheet of paper sizes Bicep circ. measurement + 5 cm wight and about 65 cm length. Start at the left side of the sheet. Start at the center of the sheet. Step down 2 cm from the top edge of the sheet put point O.

From point A draw down a vertical line.

  • OH = 61 cm (Sleeve length).
  • OO1 = 3/4 Armhole depth = 20 / 4 х 3 = 15 cm.
  • O2O3 = perpendicular to OH.
  • O1O2 = O1O3 = 1/2 Bicep circ. + 1 cm (ease allowance, can be change according to fabrics).
  • Connect points O-O2, O-O3.
  • O2O4 = 2/5 OO2. O3O5 = 2/5 OO3.
  • Draw perpendiculars from the centers of segments: O2O4 = 0,5 cm; O4O = 2 cm; OO5 = 1,5 cm; O5O3 = 0,5 cm.
  • With the curve draw the sleeve cap, joining points O2-0,5-O4-2-O-1,5-O5-0,5-O3.
Fitted sleeve pattern

Pic. 1. Fitted sleeve pattern

  • H1H2 = perpendicular to OH.
  • HH1 = HH2 = 1/2 Wrist circ. + 2 cm (ease allowance, can be change according to fabrics).
  • Connect points O2-H1, O3-H2.
  • O2H3 = H3H1. O3H4 = H3H2. Draw perpendiculars = 1 cm length from points H3 and H4.
  • Draw the sleeve seams, joining points O2-1-H1 and O3-1-H2.

Copy sleeve pattern, mark 2 notches (notch 1 is in the centre point upon the cap sleeve, notch 2 – with a distance 5 cm from the point O3). The sleeve, back and front blocks cut with 1,5 cm seams allowances and 4 cm for hem allowance.

Basic dartless dress cutting blocks

Pic. 2. Basic Dartless dress cutting blocks

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