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Basic dartless dress pattern

Basic dress pattern from size 40 to 48

Basic dartless dress pattern

The Dartless dress pattern can be used for sewing dresses, T-shirts, tops, bombers and other garment highly elastic knitwear. This design does not have darts, – fitting to the figure is achieved due to the elastic properties of the material. Novice craftswomen will like this pattern very much. You can draw a pattern very easily, and you can sew garment very quickly.

It is important! This pattern is best suited from size 40 to 48. For size 50 and up use a dress pattern with darts.

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Measurements for basic dartless dress pattern

The basic measurements, needs for dart-less dress pattern (size 46 measurements is used for the drawing):

  1. Bust circ. 92 cm
  2. Waist circ. 72 cm
  3. Hip circ. 98 cm
  4. Back width 35 cm (½ Back width = 35/2 = 17,5 cm)
  5. Chest widht1 38 cm (½ Chest widht1 = 38/2 = 19 cm).
  6. Hip height 20 cm
  7. Back waist length 42,5 cm
  8. Front waist length 46 cm
  9. Neck circ. 37 cm
  10. Shoulder length 12 cm
  11. Dress length 80 cm

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  • Armhole length = 20 cm

Formula for Armhole length calculating:
Armhole length = 1/10 B.C. + 10,5 cm, where B. C. is the Bust circ. measurement.

  • Armhole width = 10 cm

Formula for Armhole width calculating:
Armhole width = 0,33 х B.с. + 0,5 cm, where B.C. is the Bicep circ. measurement.

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Basic dartless dress pattern drawing

Use a sheet of paper sizes ½ Bust circ. + 5 cm width (92/2 + 5 cm = 51 cm) and about 90-100 cm length. Start at the left side of the sheet. Step down 5 cm from the top edge of the sheet and 1 cm to the right and put point A. From point A move down a vertical line.

Basic dart-less dress pattern back front

Pic. 1. Basic dartless dress pattern

  • AC = 20 cm (Armhole length)
  • AD = 42,5 cm (Back waist length)
  • DE = 20 cm (Hip depth)
  • AF = 80 cm (Dress Length).

From points A, D, E, F draw horizontal lines to the right.

AB = CC1 = ½ Back width + ease allowance = 35 / 2 + 0 = 17,5 cm. Ease allowance = 0 cm. Join point B and point C1.

It is important! The ease allowance is depending of the elasticity of the material and may vary: it can be increased or decreased according to the garment styleline.

  • C1C2 = 10 cm (Armhole width)
  • C2C3 = 19 cm (½ Chest widht1 = 38/2 = 19 cm). Draw a vertical line top and down through point C3. D1, E1, F1 points are obtained at the intersection.
  • C1C4 = C2C4. C4F2 = perpendicular FF1.
  • D1G = 46 cm (Front waist length).
  • GG1 = C2C3. Join points G1 and C2 with the straight edge.

Back neckline. AA1 = 1/6 Neck circ. + 1 cm. A1A2 = 2 cm. Draw a curve neckline as shown on diagram.

Front neckline. GN = GN1 = 1/6 Neck circ. + 1 cm. Draw a curve neckline NN1 as shown on diagram.

Back shoulder line. BB1 = 4,5 cm. From point B1 draw a horizontal line to the right. A2L = 12 cm (Shoulder length), point L lies on horizontal line from point B1.

Front shoulder line. NL1 = 12 cm (Shoulder length), point L1 lies on horizontal line from point B1.

Armhole line. C1M = square up 6 cm, C2M1 = square up ½ C1G2 and move right 1 cm. With the curve draw the armhole joining points L-M-C4-M1-L1.

Waist line. DD2 = D1D3 = ¼ Waist circ. + 1 cm.

Hip line. EE2 = E1E3 = FF3 = F1F4 = ¼ Hip circ. + 1 cm.

Side seams. Join points C4-D2-E2-F3 with the curve. This is side seam of the back. Join points C4-D3-E3-F4 with the curve. This is side seam of the front.

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How to cut out dartless dress

Back and front blocks copy separate and cut with 1,5 cm seams allowances and 4 cm for hem allowance. You can use this pattern for sewing dresses, tops, t-shirts and other clothes.

Basic dartless dress blocks for cutting

Pic. 2. Basic dartless dress blocks for cutting

You can cut out back without centre seam, and both blocks (back and front) without waist seam as shown on Pic. 3.

Basic dartless dress patterns blocks

Pic. 3. Basic dartless dress blocks for cutting

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