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Sundresses pattern with photo

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Download the “batwing” sleeves dress pattern

What could be more inspiring than a new dress made by yourself? You will be completely delighted with our new model. This simple but very stylish model. You don’t need any special sewing skills to sew it. All you need is your desire and a couple of hours of free time. Download the “batwing” sleeves dress pattern sizes 42-50, and have fun sewing!

Download the dress pattern with "batwing" sleeves with photo

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For men and women! Let’s sew Jumpsuits with hoods

Soft and comfortable junpsuit is ideal garment for the winter cold. The soft material retains heat perfectly. Sew a jumpsuit for yourself and for your loved ones! We will show in detail how to make a pattern for women’s and men’s junpsuits with a hood. Women’s junpsuit pattern

Korfiati sewing patterns with photo

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Luxurious dresses

What is the secret to creating luxurious dresses? We invite you to carefully study our new model. The dress has a non-standard and very effective cut, which smoothly combines the front and back, creating a complete and unique design. The plain crepe of a light milky shade, from which the dress is made, gives additional grace and luxury. In this tutorial we will analyze the design of this dress in detail and show the entire process of modeling – from A to Z! Dress pattern with puffy sleeves

Luxurious dress with puffy sleeves patterns and photo

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The 2024 Pantone color of the year is Peach Fuzz!

Do you like to dream? We are sure that the majority of our subscribers will answer in the affirmative. We invite everyone to do a small experiment – close your eyes and imagine the coming year 2024. If we could color it, what color could it be? That’s the question asked by experts at the Pantone Color Institute, who study high fashion runways, interior design trends, pop culture moments and human psychology to make their choices. They choose the main color of the year. The Pantone Color of the Year 2024 is Here

The 2024 Pantone color of the year is Peach Fuzz

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Build a stylish capsule wardrobe together!

The craftswomen who study tailoring on the website of Anastasia Korfiati Sewing Schools brilliantly master dressmaking skills. We invite you to go even further and take place in an interesting experiment – create a capsule wardrobe of clothes from models whose patterns are published on our website. You may have already sewn many of these items or are already planning to sew them. Our ideas will help you take a fresh look at your wardrobe, add stylish accents to it, and bring a fresh twist to your usual looks. Join us and let’s build a capsule collection together!

How to build a capsule wardrobe photo

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The hottest trend of the season! Let’s sew a single-breasted linen vest

The single-breasted cropped vest has become one of the most popular trends of this season. The waistcoat quickly brоke in to the catwalks and instantly won the hearts of fashionistas.

Let's sew a single-breasted linen vest photo

At the same time, preference have models, made from natural fabrics – linen, satin, cotton, etc. This model is perfectly combined, but the top options are combinations with long palazzo trousers or culottes. Do it yourself! You may download a pattern of a waistcoat in sizes 42-50 for free!

The hottest trend of the season! The single-breasted linen waistcoat photo

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Looking for the autumn! Pattern of original jacket with a one-piece belt

If you are looking for an interesting and original idea for your autumn wardrobe, then you will love the model with a one-piece belt and soft pleats. Pattern of original jacket with a one-piece belt

Pattern of a jacket with a one-piece belt photo

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Download the pattern of women’s jumpsuit 44-50 sizes

Women’s jumpsuit made of soft fleece is not only very warm and cozy – this model looks sporty stylish and is ideal for different ages. You can download the jumpsuit pattern 44-50 sizes for free! We will also tell you how to sew a jumpsuit according to the pattern made. Download the pattern of women’s jumpsuit 44-50 sizes

Women's jumpsuit from the footer

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How to sew a zipper into dress pants?

How to sew a zipper into dress pants tutorial

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Must have! Sew a women’s jacket in pajama style

Pajama fashion collections have been created by designers of many well-known world brands, and there is no reason to change the trend yet. What is pajama style and why does it fascinate us so much? We will talk about all this in this lesson. And we will also give you a simple pajama-style jacket pattern that you can sew yourself.

Pattern of a women's jacket in pajama style photos

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A robe in oriental style – easy pattern!

Woman's robe pattern

Whatever sewing project you were planning next, make this magic robe in oriental style. Homewear is super comfortable, and a robe in oriental style – is a great idea! Not only will it fit right when made to the desired measurements, but there are plenty of ways to customize them. We love a good custom garment so it seems as good a time to share our patterns with you. Each one is ideal for creating a unique garment, that will last through the changing seasons.

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T-shirt sewing workshop for beginners 

T-shirt sewing workshop

This cute and comfortable set for sleeping: t-shirt and shorts were created by Anastasia Korfiati especially for the book “Clothes for Home”. The loose-fitting T-shirt and elasticated shorts have a comfortable fit and are made from cotton jersey.

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Fashion trend! Download a coat pattern for free

One of the undisputed trends of the season is the loose coat. Despite the simplicity of the cut, this coat looks incredibly luxurious! Download a coat pattern for free

Download a coat pattern

Download embroidery designs from MADEIRA for free! Butterfly embroidery design collection

butterfly embroidery design collection download free

An oversized jacket is the trend of the season! Download a free jacket pattern for sizes 42-48. More information: patterns and description

Oversized jacket pattern free download photo

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We love to sew!

Anastacia Korfiati's sewing school photo
Every woman wants to dress nicely and keep up with modern fashion trends. But not everyone can afford to buy designer clothes. Not only because of its high price. Вesigner clothes are usually sewn according to standard measurements. If you are happy owner of a standard figure, congratulations! But in most cases, life is different from the podium. So what must to do smart, beautiful, confident women, who are not relevant so-called “standards”? Of course, to sew!
Our purpose is learn you to draw the patterns, to model and to sew clothes from the highest quality fabrics. With us you can create real masterpieces of design, your clothes will be perfect!
Join sewing school, and improve their skills with us!

Sewing is a very exciting kind of creativity, and the result is visible to all!

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How to have dressmaking skills?

In order to obtain an excellent result, follow step by step: learn sewing technology and pattern designs. Advice for beginners: start with simple models. Experience and practice will help you achieve the true tailor craftsmanship. Use our free tutorials and workshops for learning.

How to take body measurements

How to take measurements

Taking measurements is one of the most important stages in drawing patterns. How to take measurements from a female figure correctly and avoid mistakes when drawing patterns? You will know about in this tutorial.

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Ease allowance of garments

How much ease should a garment have

In order to sew a quality garment, necessary to take account many factors. One of the most important is the fit.
What is the ease allowance, how much ease should the garment have and how calculates it? Follow the link Ease allowance of garments

Basic patterns

Basic straight skirt - sketch

Tailoring of any clothes begin with the construction of the basic pattern. We recommend to draw its on graph paper. In order to obtain a perfect result, measurements need to be taken оn a person, dressed with underwear. Read more