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Fashion trend! Download a coat pattern for free

One of the undisputed trends of the season is the loose coat. Despite the simplicity of the cut, this coat looks incredibly luxurious! Download a coat pattern for free

Download embroidery designs from MADEIRA for free and take part in a sewing competition “Colors of childhood”!

Take part in a sewing competition Colors of childhood

An oversized jacket is the trend of the season! Download a free jacket pattern for sizes 42-48. Full information (patterns and description) – on the site korfiati.ru

Oversized jacket pattern free download photo

We love to sew!

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Every woman wants to dress nicely and keep up with modern fashion trends. But not everyone can afford to buy designer clothes. Not only because of its high price. Вesigner clothes are usually sewn according to standard measurements. If you are happy owner of a standard figure, congratulations! But in most cases, life is different from the podium. So what must to do smart, beautiful, confident women, who are not relevant so-called “standards”? Of course, to sew!
Our purpose is learn you to draw the patterns, to model and to sew clothes from the highest quality fabrics. With us you can create real masterpieces of design, your clothes will be perfect!
Join sewing school, and improve their skills with us!

Sewing is a very exciting kind of creativity, and the result is visible to all!

How to have dressmaking skills?

In order to obtain an excellent result, follow step by step: learn sewing technology and pattern designs. Advice for beginners: start with simple models. Experience and practice will help you achieve the true tailor craftsmanship. Use our free tutorials and workshops for learning.

How to take body measurements

How to take measurements

Taking measurements is one of the most important stages in drawing patterns. How to take measurements from a female figure correctly and avoid mistakes when drawing patterns? You will know about in this tutorial.

Ease allowance of garments

How much ease should a garment have

In order to sew a quality garment, necessary to take account many factors. One of the most important is the fit.
What is the ease allowance, how much ease should the garment have and how calculates it? Follow the link Ease allowance of garments

Basic patterns

Basic straight skirt - sketch

Tailoring of any clothes begin with the construction of the basic pattern. We recommend to draw its on graph paper. In order to obtain a perfect result, measurements need to be taken оn a person, dressed with underwear. Read more