How to take measurements


Different Types of Women’s Body Shapes

All ladies are beautiful and unique, and there are no two identical Women's figures, as well as two identical flowers. If you are sewing garment yourself, it is important to understand the differences between the types of female figures.  This tutorial will help you to build patterns and to design comfortable garment.


How much ease should a garment have

Ease allowance of garments In order to sew a quality garment, necessary to take account many factors. One of the most important is the fit. Ease allowance – is a fundamental element in pattern making. After taking measurements, the tailor first ease calculates. What are the ease allowance for? Ease allowance – is the difference between body measurements and those garment measurements. It’s provides the movement comfort as well as design. Use measurement Hip circumference for calculate ease allowance for skirts and trousers. Use measurement Bust circumference for calculate ease allowance for dresses, blouses, jackets, coats etc. In addition, consider…


Women’s Measurements Charts

Exact measurements are an important part of the garment making process. If you have not the opportunity to take measurements from the figure, use the women's measurements charts. You can use measurements tables both for drawing patterns and for analyzing female figures.


How to take body measurements

Taking measurements is one of the most important stages in drawing patterns. How to take measurements from a female figure correctly and avoid mistakes when drawing patterns? Reveal all the secrets for a perfect result in this tutorial.