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Different Types of Women’s Body Shapes

Types of Women’s Body Shapes and Figures

All ladies are beautiful and unique, and there are no two identical figures, as well as two identical flowers. If you are sewing garment yourself, it is important to understand the differences between the types of female figures.
This tutorial will help you to build patterns and to design comfortable garment.

Even the Hollywood stars figures are far from perfect. However, their ability to assess themselves correctly allows to choose clothes that can easily help correct flaws and emphasize their merits. This is how perfection is created.

Body shape is determined by genetics and lifestyle. Having determined your body type, you can choose the right garment that will not only hide the flaws, if any, but also emphasize the advantages.

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Five Types of Women’s Body Shapes and Figures

The female physique can be systematized and divided into types according to certain similar characteristics. There are five basic women body figures types and each of them have their various characteristics: triangle, rectangle, circle, inverted triangle, and hourglass.

Body Shape “Triangle”

This type of Woman’s Body Shape speaks for itself – the figure looks like a triangle. The maximum volume is concentrated in the bottom parts of the body – on the hips, buttocks, waist, and practically is not deposited on the chest and back. If there is no excess mass, the waist is usually pronounced, the abdomen is flat. The top part of the body is slightly longer than the bottom part, and more fine-boned.

Types of Women's Body Shapes - "Triangle"

Fig. 1. Types of Women’s Body Shapes and Figures – “Triangle”

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What kind of  garment will fit for “Triangle” ?

Fitting models: form-fitting blouses, jackets, open tops, especially in summer. Naked hands and back look beautiful. Choose jackets with shoulder pads for visually balance your figure.
For the bottom: straight skirts with a length just below the knee, a-line skirts, tapered or straight trousers. Dresses should be seamless at the waist. Focus on the neckline and accessories – brooches, shawls, chains, beads, etc. Choose darker fabrics for the bottom, this will visually reduce the bottom and emphasize the top.

Body Shape “Rectangle”

This type of figure has almost the same width of the hips and shoulders. And if not for the weakly expressed waist, the figure could be called ideal. However, the body of the “rectangles” is strong, the legs are slender.

Types of Women's Body Shapes - "Rectangle"

Fig. 2. Types of Women’s Body Shapes and Figures – “Rectangle”

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What kind of clothes will fit for “Rectangle”?

Avoid super-fitted clothing. Put on loose-fitting clothes – classic pantsuits, trapeze dresses. Perfect for you is a sports style – sweatshirts and hoodies in combination with cropped tight trousers. Color contrast between the top and bottom of the suit is also beneficial.

Body Shape “Circle”

For this type figures, the chest volume and the waist volume are practically equal. The chest is usually has medium size, belly is visible, no waist. The hips and legs are quite beautiful. Another type of this shape is large breasts and hips, the waist is almost invisible, legs are long. Based on these data, it becomes clear: the emphasis should be on the legs, additionally emphasizing the face.

Types of Women's Body Shapes - "Circle"

Fig. 3. Types of Women’s Body Shapes and Figures – “Circle”

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What kind of clothes will fit for “Circle”?

Emphasis on the waist should be avoided, we recommend emphasizing the chest and legs.
In order to visually balance the upper and lower body, it is necessary to lengthen the silhouette.

The easiest way to do this is a high waistline. Choose dresses in the Empire style, different types of draperies at the top. This will visually balance the silhouette.

Avoid loose-fitting clothing that only adds volume. Wide trousers with cropped jackets are acceptable, if possible in dark colors. Tops and blouses with V and U-necklines, flowing fabrics that gently wrap around the figure, but do not emphasize the waist.

Body Shape “Inverted Triangle”

Such figures have wide, straight shoulders that are much wider than the hips. The waist and hips practically do not differ in volume. The figure looks quite athletic, closer to the male. Usually the shoulders are much wider than the hips, and the upper torso is shorter than the lower.

If there is excess weight, it is distributed in the upper body – in the arms, back, abdomen. In order to balance the figure, should lighten the top and add volume to the bottom.

Types of Women's Body Shapes - "Inverted Triangle"

Fig. 4. Types of Women’s Body Shapes and Figures – “Inverted Triangle”

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What kind of clothes will fit for “Inverted Triangle?

Dresses are very suitable for women with such figure, but you need to choose the right style. Wide shoulders and puff sleeves are avoid.

You should choose sleeveless dresses or asymmetrical one-shoulder dresses. The bottom must be voluminous, so you will balance the figure. Trouser suits with fitted jackets and wide trousers are suitable; fitting blouses combine with flared skirts.

Body Shape “Hourglass”

This body type has secured the title of “proportional figure”. Its signs are the same volume of the hips and chest with a narrow waist (the difference between the hips circumference and waist circumference is more than 25 cm), rounded hips and buttocks.

Types of Women's Body Shapes - "Inverted Triangle"

Fig. 5. Types of Women’s Body Shapes and Figures – “Inverted Triangle”

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What kind of clothes will fit for “Inverted Triangle”?

Fitting silhouettes – pencil skirts, dresses, trousers, leggings. Use belts to define your waist.

Look for your garment style – that matches not only your figure, but also your attitude, the life rhythm, your external image. After all, this is the only way to achieve integrity and harmony. Remember that a real woman always follows fashion, and a true woman creates it.

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